Thomas Perkins Photography

Thomas Perkins is a local photographer known for capturing various events and landscapes in the Greenbrier County area. His work often features vibrant and dynamic shots of community gatherings, nature scenes, and important local moments. Whether it’s a wedding, a community festival, or the natural beauty of Greenbrier County, Thomas Perkins has a keen eye for detail and a talent for bringing the essence of his subjects to life through his lens.

What We Offer

Professional photos at budget-friendly, affordable rates, along with flexible hours that work for you.

Professional Cameras and Lenses

Professional high-quality cameras allow for high-resolution images that are excellent for print.

No flash

Don’t ruin a special event with a photographer using a flash with a cheap camera.

Professional Lighting

Bright portable photo lights that run off lithium batteries are available upon request.

Professional Editing

All photos are processed in Adobe Lightroom to ensure quality color and accuracy.

Calman Verified

To ensure your photos meet industry standards, our monitors are properly calibrated for color.

Google Drive Delivery

All photos are delivered via Google Drive, unless a USB Flash Drive by mail is requested.

Affordable Rates

Rates start as low as $50 for local photo shoots and events.

Note: A signed contract is required before all photo shoots.


  • Family pictures
  • Prom photos
  • Pageant photography

Important Events

  • Campaign events
  • Small family gatherings
  • Weddings with hundreds of guests

Be sure to check out my ever-growing portfolio on Flickr, where you can view thousands of images taken by me.

Christmas at Fair - Dec 13 2023